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Part-time Staff

Our part-time staff help out after school, work, and on weekends! They take part in facilitating many of the programs we offer at NVVA.

Locations: Sterling, VA

Part-time Coaches

NVVA is looking for experienced volleyball coaches with volleyball knowledge to become a part of our staff. The ideal candidate must be able to manage kids in the age range of 8 to 18, be organized, have an energetic personality, and passion to coach the game. 


Youth Volleyball League Coach

Our very popular youth volleyball leagues are in need of enthusiastic coaches to join our coaching team. Teams practice twice a week and play once every two months. If you love volleyball and want to stay connected with the sport without a major time commitment, this is the perfect volleyball coaching job for you. You can coach single or multiple teams, which will allow you to choose your level of time commitment. 


Operations Specialist

NVVA’s number of programs generates a constant stream of challenges that require you to continually adapt and use critical thinking and problem solving skills. Keeping our facility and support operations up to date and running efficiently ensures the safe growth of our athletes and in turn volleyball.

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