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Part-time Coaches

At The Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (NVVA), we believe coaches are integral to preparing our athletes for the world. We’re looking for passionate volleyball coaches to plan, organize, and implement an approved training curriculum in a learning environment that encourages athletes to develop and fulfill their athletic potential. Above all, the goal is to cultivate a learning experience that is organized, meaningful, and enjoyable.


Objectives & Responsibilities:

Part-time coaches at NVVA foster positive learning environments, plan and promote the progress and well-being of athletes, and collaborate with staff and parents/guardians with the athletes' best interests in mind. They will also be actively looking to build knowledge by learning NVVA's training methods.​ 

Skills, Qualifications, &
Physical Requirements

Our part-time coaches have two-plus years of coaching experience, experience working with young male and female athletes, and a passion for the sport of volleyball. 


What our coaches say

"I love coaching because not only can I continue. My love for this sport, but just looking back, volleyball has taught me so much about discipline and confidence and, dedication and how much that can affect other areas of my life and my outlook on life as well."

- Heather - Galaxy & LYV Coach 

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