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Operations Specialist

Our operations team is responsible for supporting our programs through the maintenance and upkeep of our facility and inventory in order to provide high-quality volleyball training. As a member of the team, you have a vital supporting role that keeps our programs running smoothly. Keeping our facility and support operations up to date and running efficiently ensures the safe growth of our athletes and in turn volleyball.


Objectives & Responsibilities:

NVVA’s number of programs generates a constant stream of challenges that require the operations team to continually adapt and use critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The operations specialist is responsible for facility maintenance, stocking and distribuition of gear, and more.

Skills, Qualifications, &
Physical Requirements

Our Operations Specialists should have two or more years of high school academic success,
and experience working as a team member in a fast paced environment or equivalent school/team experience.


What our operations team says

"I love...being in charge running tournaments. I love
being basically being part of everything from the beginning to the end."

- Bree 

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