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Full-time Staff

The Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (NVVA) is proud to provide high-quality volleyball training opportunities for over 2,500 hundred athletes in Virginia. Our executive staff spends time ensuring NVVA is successful in maintaining those opportunities for all athletes.

Locations: Sterling, VA


Full-time Coaches

Our ideal candidate will tailor practice plans to help all athletes develop technically, physically, and socially. S/He should be passionate about the programs they coach, their athletes, and their job, with a desire to make real connections based on mutual respect and trust. Above all, the goal is to cultivate a learning experience that is organized, meaningful, and enjoyable.


The Volleyball Director

The Volleyball Director will directly impact the athlete's improvement and curriculum enhancement to keep our programs running smoothly. You will also ensure that our training curriculums are well crafted and efficient by monitoring athletes' performance, coordinating skill and performance assessments, and communicating and learning with other coaching team members.

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