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Volleyball Director

The Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (NVVA) is proud to provide high-quality volleyball training opportunities for over 2,500 hundred athletes in Virginia. The Volleyball Director will directly impact the athlete's improvement and curriculum enhancement to keep our programs running smoothly. You will also ensure that our training curriculums are well crafted and efficient by monitoring athletes' performance, coordinating skill and performance assessments, and communicating and learning with other coaching team members.


Objectives & Responsibilities:

The Volleyball Director is responsible for creating and maintaining all curriculums and programs at NVVA. This position supervises and collaborates with executive, part-time, and full-time staff to maintain positive relationships and experiences for athlete's and their families.

Skills, Qualifications, &
Physical Requirements

The Volleyball Director has 5-10 years of experience coaching and managing volleyball programs. The candidate will also have a proven track record in program planning, defining and launching successful programs, unifying program portfolios, and working with coaches' training. They will have strong leadership, customer service, and creative skills.

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