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Youth Volleyball League Coaches

At The Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (NVVA), we believe coaches are integral to preparing our athletes for the world. We’re looking for passionate volleyball coaches to plan, organize, and implement an approved training curriculum in a learning environment that encourages athletes to develop and fulfill their athletic potential. Above all, the goal is to cultivate a learning experience that is organized, meaningful, and enjoyable.


Objectives & Responsibilities:

Our very popular youth volleyball leagues are in need of enthusiastic coaches to join our coaching team. Teams practice twice a week and play once every two months. If you love volleyball and want to stay connected with the sport without a major time commitment, this is the perfect volleyball coaching job for you. You can coach single or multiple teams, which will allow you to choose your level of time commitment. 

Skills, Qualifications, &
Physical Requirements

Our Youth Volleyball League coaches have two-plus years of coaching experience, experience working with young male and female athletes, and a passion for the sport of volleyball. 


What our coaches say

"Participating in LYV was a beautiful experience, as I was able to work on the athletes' individual technique and create a competitive team that could analyze their progress during the competition."

- Coach Manius

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